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Proper Care for Human Hair Weaves

Human hair weaves are considered the best option for long-term weave applications because it lasts longer, and looks more natural than most synthetic hair. The higher the quality, the more natural the look and feel of the weave. Human hair is available in many styles, from straight to different waves and curly weaves. It is also available in different types, such as Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, and Indian, among others. Proper care of the hair depends on the type and style of human hair purchased.

Brazilian human hair is available in the most styles, with seven natural textures, and Peruvian hair is available in six natural textures. Peruvian hair is thicker, so less bundles are needed for a full look. That is a consideration when purchasing human hair, which can be expensive, especially virgin human hair. The cost is worth it because hair can last up to two years with proper care. All types of straight, wavy, or curly weaves are attached to natural hair close to the scalp to be virtually invisible. That means that the human hair has to be taken out and re-applied every two to three months, depending on how fast natural hair grows. Taking great care of the bundles of hair will ensure its longevity and maintain its texture and body.

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Straight human hair, for example, should be pre-conditioned before it is washed, and brushed out with a paddle brush to keep it from splitting at the ends. Wavy styles may be a bit more processed, so they will require a little bit more maintenance. Curl definers, extra conditioning, and twisting at bed time will help maintain a natural bounce and fullness. Long or short curly short weaves are more prone to tangling than other styles, and require the most conditioning. A deep conditioning treatment every two to three weeks is recommended for curly styles.

Using heat for styling, such as blow dryers, curling irons, or hot rollers, should be avoided when human hair is curly. It will cause hair to frizz, split, and damage. Towel drying the hair, and using fingers to comb through it, will keep the curl without creating frizz. Twisting the hair at night, and sleeping with it in a satin cap will help keep moisture in and keep curls bouncy. Braiding the hair at night at least twice a week will help redefine the curls without needing heavy styling products. High-quality human hair will look great, and last a long time with proper maintenance.

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